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Over a hundred years ago, when buildings caught fires, the people inside were likely to die – there was no provision made to help them get out of the building with a hurry. Emergency exits were introduced to allow people to escape, if something were to go wrong. It wasn’t possible to keep emergency exits locked, though. After all, who had the time to open a lock when everything behind them was on fire? Push bars were a mechanical invention that allowed people from leaving the building in a hurry, but they kept the door safe from forced entry from the outside at the same time. 

The law requires certain kind of buildings to have emergency exits, by law, and to keep them lock-free. If your business or other property in West Allis, WI requires protection, you can call West Allis WI Locksmith Store’s locksmiths to get emergency exit locks that comply with safety regulations installed. We have served countless businesses over the years, and we have a reputation in the local community for being a reliable, effective, and affordable local locksmith. 

Here are a few factors to be considered when setting up emergency exits:West Allis WI Locksmith Store West Allis, WI 414-209-1058

     1)    The type of device used:
                If a disaster strikes your building, the emergency exit door should open quickly outwards, with a gentle push. By getting push bars installed, you can allow for that. 

     2)    The placement of escape doors
                The emergency exit doors are usually set inside wide corridors with plenty of room for a stream of rushing people. 

      3)    Safety and security requirements
                Your emergency exit shouldn’t be possible to open from the other side. After all, you don’t want just anyone to stroll inside, do you? 

Get push bars installed for maximum effectiveness and security

Push bars have unique spring-based mechanisms that allow them to open when someone pushes on them. They are also resistant to pulling force from the other side of the door. That means no one can get inside from the other side – they allow only for a one-way entry.

Seek West Allis WI Locksmith Store’s expertise:

If you need new push bars installed on your property, call us. We can send an expert, experienced locksmithing team over to your location within 30 minutes. We are available for work 24/7, and our products are affordably priced. We can also assist if your emergency exit door is stuck, or if the push bar mechanism needs to be repaired. 

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