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The ignition switch in your car – the place where you insert your key and turn it – is a mechanical device like any other. It is estimated that the average car owner turns their key in the switch over four thousand times every year. The ignition switch will get worn out, over time – especially if you use your car a lot. 

When your ignition switch gets stuck or stops working, you have two options before you: you contact your car dealer for assistance or you can call a reliable local locksmith. It’s usually better to call a professional locksmith though – not only can they do the job faster, but they are also likely to charge you less for it. If you need an effective ignition repair service in West Allis, WI, contact West Allis WI Locksmith Store. We are a professional automotive locksmith that can get it working as good as new in quick time. If it’s beyond repair, we can also replace it for you. 

Here are a few ignition-related problems that need immediate attention:West Allis WI Locksmith Store West Allis, WI 414-209-1058

  • Car refuses to start
    When your car isn’t starting – despite you turning your key in the lock – the ignition switch may be at fault. Our locksmiths can take a look at your switch and perform ignition repairs if necessary. 
  • Key doesn’t turn
    Is your ignition cylinder refusing to turn, or is it jammed on an ON/OFF/ACC position? Chances are, you need to get it repaired or replaced. 
  • Frequent vehicle stalling
    Rarely, a broken or misaligned ignition switch can cause a car to stall. This can be hazardous, to say the least, when you are driving. If your vehicle keeps stalling, it’s very important that you hire a locksmith for an ignition repair operation as soon as you can. 

How West Allis WI Locksmith Store can help?

Our locksmiths can take a look at your ignition switch to identify the nature of the problems. We can fix the ignition switch on-site, if necessary, or replace the entire cylinder mechanism with a new one. We charge a reasonable rate for our ignition repair service, and it’s very speedy – it only takes about 30 minutes for our locksmiths to reach your location. We can make you new ignition keys on-site too, if necessary – at affordable prices. Contacting your dealer for assistance, on the other hand, can set you back by quite a bit. 

Need an ignition repair service you can rely on? Contact West Allis WI Locksmith Store now!