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It can be a major nuisance when you have a problem tenant – one who refuses to pay the rent on time, for example, or who uses your property carelessly and damages it. If you are looking for a tenant eviction locksmith service in West Allis, WI, West Allis WI Locksmith Store is the perfect choice. We provide a fast, trustworthy, and affordable service and we have a great deal of experience handling evictions. Our locksmiths know what to expect and can be relied upon to be thorough professionals.

Why do you need an eviction locksmith service?West Allis WI Locksmith Store West Allis, WI 414-209-1058

There are many possible reasons why you may need us. The most common ones we encounter during our time in the field include tenants that refuse to pay rent, damage your property, are a nuisance to their neighbors, or refuse to evict when you require them to. If the tenants refuse to open the door for you and vacate the property, you need an expert eviction locksmith service to open the door for you. You need court permission, though, and an officer of the law has to be present before we can let you back inside your property. 

It never hurts to be safe

If you’ve had a falling out with your tenants and have had them evicted, they might come back and cause damage to your property for revenge. In cases like this, it’s a good idea to ensure your property has good security to prevent them from hurting it in any way. Our eviction locksmith service specialists can go over your property for you and can give you a list of recommendations about how you can improve the security on your building. We can install new locks on your doors, windows, garage, mailbox, and other items to keep them safe from manipulation. We can also install new alarms systems, if necessary. 

24/7 emergency assistance 

Our locksmiths are available to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even during the holiday season. West Allis WI Locksmith Store can arrive at your location in West Allis or the surrounding areas within 30 minutes, most of the times. If you have an urgent requirement – for example, you need to rent out your property to someone new the very next day – our eviction locksmith service can handle overnight work. We can rekey or replace your locks overnight, and we will only charge you regular rates! 

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